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Envision employs facilities worldwide to produce finished goods for our clients. China is a key resource for several different categories of goods we have and are working on. David Carson and I just recently returned from a 2 week trip to China to attend several major trade show events there and to work with key factory resources. Although the cost of Chinese labor continues to rise, China remains one of the most competitive locales for us to source and produce finished goods in quantity for our clients.

The advent of increased communication tools (video, “go to meeting”, photos) allow us to communicate easily and quickly with our factories in China and elsewhere on the planet. Using these tools dramatically enhances the communication process and allows for less miscommunication because of the ease of understanding a picture or video vs the written word. More and more Chinese factories are employing sophisticated technology in addition to hiring or training English speaking technical personnel because they understand the increase in speed and efficiency in getting the proper information and documentation for the intended project right the first time.

Below is a picture of David posing with a statue of Bruce Lee, one of his inspirational hero’s, at Avenue of the Stars, Hong Kong.