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Florida has become a hot bed of new product introduction and innovation. The amount of research, product development, and product design has grown dramatically every year in the state. And why not… Florida and in particular the East Coast is home to several cutting edge innovative companies. Those companies (and their employed intellect) coupled with the retired and semi retired creative base of residents produces a great many ideas. The ability of product design/commercialization facilitators like us at Envision to “mine” the wealth of experienced talent along the treasure coast and throughout Florida has proven an astounding benefit in the creation of cutting edge design and innovative new products. Experience in innovative endeavors is the key.

Envision has the ability to bring in trusted and proven resources of knowledge from diverse disciplines to work with our in house design and science staff to collaborate or simply “sign off” on our direction and accomplishment. These out sourced industrial designers, mechanical designers, and engineers help us keep costs and overhead very low because we, in effect, only “pay by the project”. This method of new product development allows us to work closely with key resources at an attractive cost to our clients. Our low costs in the development and commercialization of our projects allows more revenue to be budgeted by our clients on the launch and marketing of their new product. A bigger, better, well funded launch helps assure the most success.