Vascular Simulations

A New Paradigm for Endovascular Training

Vascular Simulations LLC strives to reduce this collateral damage by replicating the vascular system from the heart to the aorta, cerebrovasculature and the peripheral vasculature. This replicator allows for the performance of endovascular procedures under real life fluoroscopic conditions with the actual access devices and implants that are utilized in clinical settings. It is fundamentally different than the current generation of endovascular simulators that model the performance and behavior of wires and catheters with computer software in a user interface that has no relevance to clinical procedures. These simulators are essentially glorified video games.

Vascular Simulations LLC is a limited liability company founded by Dr. Henry Woo MD. Other founding members include Thomas Delattre and David Carson of Envision Product Development Group LLC, Michael Lockhart, Dr Baruch Lieber, Dr David Fiorella, Dr Chander Sadasivan, and the Victoria Fund LLC. The manufacture of the replicators is accomplished at the Envision Product Development facility in Stuart Florida. Additional product development work and manufacture is completed at the Long Island Technology Incubator.

"We offer a COMPLETE and PROVEN process to affordably develop your innovation all the way from mind to market."