Product Releases

Recycle Carts Coming to The Home Depot

Here at Envision we are proud to announce that Recycle Carts are now sold in The Home Depot. Envision has had a long-standing relationship with The Home Depot, and after seeing the success Recycle Carts have had in the local area we knew it was time to bring them to a larger audience.

Recycle Carts will enter twenty-six Home Depot stores at the start of next year. You can begin looking for them from South Florida all the way up to Gainesville. If this sales test proves to be successful in these initial locations, The Home Depot will begin moving Recycle Carts into stores nationwide, specifically in areas that use the type of recycling bins that our product is suited for.

This new venture is a large step forward for Recycle Carts, and we at Envision are thrilled to see the culmination of many months of thorough product development and marketing. Achievements like this are the kind that we strive for when working with each and everyone of our clients to bring their ideas to market.