Going Vertical By Chipping In

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We like to point out that here at Envision we are “vertical” in regards to our new product design work because we not only do the design but we build our prototypes in house in our machine shop that allows us to do just about anything out of wood and/or any type of metal.  Envision has a rapid plastic prototype machine (fussed deposition modeling [FDM]) as well… allowing us to form a complete unit or parts needed to build the functioning prototype.  We even build our own electronic boards on premises!

But as these photos show…we took being “vertical;” to a new high (or low) when a 40′ container of our new recycle carts showed up that needed to be unloaded… by hand.  It took us about 2 hours to move 2,500 14 lb boxes off the truck and in to our warehouse.  Everybody pitched in and we got it done relatively quickly, once again showing our commitment to getting our hands dirty and doing what needs to get done.


Stay tuned for more info regarding our clients products!