Understand your consumer and guide your product into the market

We bring your products to market with compelling and targeted marketing campaigns at reasonable budgets. Our team has a vast and diverse portfolio of successful product launches and sales that have all started from just an idea.

Product Idealization

Help you develop concepts through brainstorm sessions and full competitive category audits. Identify and guide you through key market segment, opportunities, profitability, sales programs, ideal clients and help you plan the path to market.


Develop e-commerce and informational web presence with lead capture and follow-up system. SEO and SEM campaigns, Google Analytics, blog integration, social media directives, and payment gateways.


Develop the identity of your brand, tagline, logo concept creation and target audience. Begin internet marketing analysis, domain acquisitions, and trademarking.


Our process involves inspection and quality-control plans to ensure nothing is overlooked when parts start getting made. We ensure your product and packaging complies with industry standards such as ISTA and ASTM.

Strategic Pricing

Develop your product’s strategic price matrix based on category and target buyers, Calculate retail, wholesale, advertising budget, defective allowance and slotting fees.


Our team has decades of expertise in new product launch strategies and introduction plans as well as access to top retail channels for a nation-wide roll-out. We can help you set up a successful sales strategy and maximize your product’s reach and sales by getting it in front of the right people.