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David learned precision machining and production manufacturing process/techniques at young age from his father, a US Navy trained Tool & Die maker who founded a home based machining company called Carson Tool & Die, Inc. During his most formative years, David worked side-by-side his father at the family run business, and was ultimately able to create complex tooling and precision machined parts while meeting customer needs.

In 1988 David graduated with a Specialized Technology Degree in Mechanical Drafting & Design in Allentown, Pennsylvania where he served as class treasurer. After graduation David was hired by Eastern Engineering Associates, Inc., and worked as a designer/draftsman responsible for maintaining detailed engineering drawings used to manufacture tractor trailer chassis and brake systems for Mack Trucks, Inc.

Recruited in 1992 by Designer Services of the Treasure Coast, Inc., to fabricate, mold, develop, design and engineer prototypes for a wide range of pre-production products for IBM, Motorola, Beckman Coulter and many others. Gained expertise in soft tool mold design, refined machine design theory/skills, and learned the very latest rapid/traditional prototype and production processes first hand.

In 1995 David formed Drafting Designs (a full service contract design house), where he implemented a world-class quality management system and maintained two internationally recognized ISO certifications (ISO 9001-2000 & ISO 13485:2003 for medical device design and manufacturing). Heavily leveraging 3D solid modeling and rapid prototyping, Drafting Designs became a well known firm to the area supporting the design engineering and documentation needs for many surrounding manufacturing, product development firms, and residential home builders.

Sensing the changed economic climate and increasing desire of entrepreneurs to grow both high and low tech. product based businesses, David has re-emerged to focus on fulfilling all steps in transforming innovations into marketable products, has gathered gifted talent and entered into a new partnership quest known as Envision Product Development Group to further challenge his entrepreneurial capabilities and further devote himself to commercialization of new products internally and for others.

  • 16G rated Corporate Jet seat product line(all test certified)
  • Cockpit Ice Detection equipment
  • Turbine engine components
  • High-performance exhaust systems
  • High-performance winglets
  • Omni directional vehicle product line
  • Industrial equipment controllers
  • Braille computer product line
  • GPS equipment military
  • GPS equipment golf
  • GPS equipment animal tracking
  • Golf ball extraction product
  • Golf ball sorting equipment
  • Golf training and convenience products
  • Solar lighting product lines
  • Micro film viewer
  • High impact window product line
  • Internet E-commerce Kiosk product line
  • Swarovski Mall display product line
  • Modular banking stations
  • Modular “supercomputer” rack-mount system
  • Fertilization equipment
  • Commercial Construction products
  • Material handling and dust collection systems
  • Ultra-high pressure coatings removal equipment
  • Ultra-high pressure road/runway stripe removal equipment
  • Ozone production air-water purification equipment
  • Sport Mouth Guards
  • Automated packaging equipment
  • Commercial/industrial filtration tanks and systems
  • Laser eye surgery equipment
  • Continuous Motion orthopedic therapy equipment
  • MRI enhancement products
  • Orthopedic instrumentation
  • Examination tables
  • Paper dispensers
  • CPAP sleep apnea products
  • Hemoglobin testing equipment
  • instrumentation
  • Controlled Explosive Rebar Cutter System
  • Large Caliber Naval Artillery Gun barrel electro-plating machine & fixtures
  • Satellite phones
  • Armored vehicle body/chassis and components
  • Special Forces Knives custom Karmbit product line
  • Also seen in Hollywood movies
Products “AT HOME”
  • Child proof electrical safety devices
  • Pool safety equipment
  • Shrimp deveiner devices
  • Modular Gazebo
  • Modular Sauna
  • Fluid dispensing systems
  • Laptop computer equipment
  • Beverage opening devices
  • Modular closet systems
  • Portable pre-filled water containers
  • Lavatory components
  • Coating industry innovation
  • Picture hanging device
  • 20+ Standing Custom Homes
Products “IN THE OFFICE”
  • Computer & monitor enclosures
  • Active braille computer enclosures
Products “IN THE CAR”
  • Child Car Seat assembly equipment
  • Safety equipments
  • Digital video crash testing equipment
Products “IN SPACE”
  • 100 G impact resistant high-speed digital cameras used on NASA space shuttle fleet
  • Also used in popular “Time-Warp” TV series
Certifications and Awards
  • Certified Supervisory Training
  • Certified ISO-9001, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace and Consumer product design, testing and production.
  • Certified ISO-13485-2003, Medical, Industrial, Aerospace and Consumer product design, testing and production.
  • Certified Internal Auditor ISO-13485-2003 & ISO-9001
  • Certified MS Outlook
  • Certified Bid Matching with SupplyPoint
  • Certified Microsoft Project
  • Certified DBWorks Custom Essential Training
  • Certified SolidWorks Advanced Part and Assembly Training
  • Certified SolidWorks CAD Productivity Tools & Large Assembly Management
  • Governors Letter of Congratulations for 2012 Governor’s Innovators in Business Award
  • Senators Letter of Congratulations for receiving the 2012 Business Innovation Award
  • Employer of the Year, Workforce Development Board
  • Gold Excellence Award in Consumer Product Design, American Culinary Institute
  • 1st Dan, Tae Kwon Do