The right manufacturing team at your fingertips

Our process is built on over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing consumer products. We have a diverse network of manufacturing teams both domestic and international. Save money and build a better product.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Pre-qualified manufacturers for mass-production at your fingertips, or utilize our in-house low volume manufacturing capabilities. Whatever your production needs are, we can help you find the right source for your product.

Production Management

Our engineers visit with factory managers several times during the production process to help better communicate product needs and verify all tooling fixtures. We have over 20 years experience managing mass-production projects both domestic and internationally and are here to ensure your satisfaction.

Factory Qualification

We personally inspect and qualify all of our manufacturing partners before doing business. Qualification doesn’t just mean manufacturing capabilities, but communication and engineering competence as well.

Quality Control

Our process involves inspection and quality-control plans to ensure nothing is overlooked when parts start getting made. We ensure your product and packaging complies with industry standards such as ISTA and ASTM.

Production Quotations

We start planning production cost reduction strategies from the beginning. Let us do the leg work to get you production estimates and negotiate factory costs to build you the best product possible.


Let us identify and negotiate with qualified shippers and prepare all required documentation and services needed. Initiate, negotiate and manage your production orders through our insured network to ensure your products get where they need to go on time and without hassle.