Product Development Fear – No Worries!

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At Envision we firmly believe that “all human interactions are enhanced by the ability to put yourself in the other persons shoes”.We get lots of entrepreneurs in with their ideas for new products who are initially intimidated by the incorrect perception that we are “too professional” for them because they are “amateurs”. They are only amateurs because they haven’t been paid yet! Its easy for us to “put ourselves in their shoes” because we start new businesses with new products all the time. We have experienced what they are going through and although skilled now at the build out of CAD drawings, alpha, then beta prototypes and ongoing in to manufacturing and marketing of new products in new businesses we still know how they feel and can be easily empathetic to their feelings and needs because “we have starred in that movie”.

There really is no need for the apprehension – although it is certainly understandable. That is what we are here for – to help you navigate those waters you are inexperienced with, and ensure that your product is a complete success “from mind to market”.