Listen & develop your idea to help guide it down the path to market

Market Research Icon - Light Bulb


Market assessments, concept testing, and focus groups reduce risk and provide valuable feedback to refine product development and align your product with the benefits your target consumers expect and will pay for.

Industrial Design Icon - Pencil / Gear


Our world-class designers start by studying industry design trends and illustrate your idea in high-quality 3D renderings, positioning your product’s styling, aesthetics, and user experience in front of your biggest competitors.

Mechanical Development Icon - Gear / Wrench


Utilizing the latest 3D modeling capabilities, our engineers will flesh out the physical, functional, and technical requirements of your idea, all while prioritizing design for manufacturing for a seamless production transition.

Electronics Design Icon - Printed Circuit Board


Our experts leverage cutting-edge technologies to ensure your electronics system is designed for reliability and efficiency. Whether your product requires wireless, sensors, miniaturization, and more – our team has you covered.

Software Development Icon - Computer Screen


We can create and program custom firmware and software applications to meet your product’s specific needs. Our software engineers have experience with a variety of platforms and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Testing & Validation Icon - Check List


We research required international certifications early in the design process for all products and base our test procedures around industry standards. Throughout all phases, we strive to validate your product within the market.


Create packaged retail product from concept through delivery

Rapid Prototyping Icon - 3D Printer


Using state-of-the-art rapid prototyping methods, we create trade-show ready prototypes for testing and pre-launch marketing initiatives. With an in-house machine shop, we’re able to quickly test ideas for form, fit, and function.

Production Quotations Icon - Hand with money


We work with factories both domestic and abroad, quoting several manufacturers to find you the best price and quality. Production cost reduction strategies are planned early, and we re-negotiate with suppliers every lot.

Manufacturing & Sourcing Icon - Factory


Pre-qualified manufacturers for mass production are at your fingertips. Our overseas team works on the ground at the factory as your eyes and ears – ensuring your product is made with quality and schedule in mind.

Packaging Icon - Box


Packaging needs to capture consumers attention within a split second. Our design and production team work together to make eye-catching, practical packaging that supports your brand’s identity while keeping your product safe.

Quality Control Icon - Eyeglass


Our process involves rigorous inspection planning to ensure nothing is overlooked throughout production. We provide three layers of quality assurance with a process built on aerospace standards to safeguard against quality issues.

Delivery Icon - Stop Watch


Let us identify and negotiate with qualified shippers and prepare all required documentation and services needed. Our resources regularly handle distribution for major products, from unit fulfillments to container loads.


Diligently help you build and market an award-winning brand

Strategy Icon - Chess Piece


Our team has decades of experience in new product launch strategies with access to top retail channels for national rollouts. We work with you to define and implement a strategic plan that focuses on your success.

Positioning Icon - Game Plan


Defining how you will compete, who you will target, while developing a compelling value proposition, are essential to success. We will lead you through the process to ensure your positioning is clear and relevant.

Branding Icon - Brand Book


In today’s competitive marketplace, your brand needs to stand out and integrate into your product design. We help develop your brand identity, acquire domains and trademarks, and create logos driven by market based research.

Strategic Pricing Icon - Coins


We research target pricing and integrate into your product’s design so it’s instantly attractive to buyers. Our strategic price matrix defines retail, wholesale, advertising budget, defective allowance, and more based on target consumers.

Digital Marketing Icon - Megaphone


Digital marketing techniques are targeted, affordable, and necessary to promote your product. We will guide you through all aspects of digital marketing including website design, email campaigns, and online advertising.

Sales Icon - Money Bag


Customer development is equally important as product development. We help you set up a successful sales plan and maximize your product’s reach and sales volume by getting it in front of the right people at the right time.


You do not need a patent, and we can actually help you get one if you do not have one. We help you by creating all of the required drawings and prerequisites needed for patent filing.

There are thousands of very successful products that have been considered “silly”. We have worked on projects that are “toys” and “tools” and several high tech medical devices. If you have done some market study about your product and you feel it has a future in the marketplace we should talk.

You should consider $5,000 a starting point that accomplishes basic research of the product and market. We have brought products to market for as little as $10,000 and as much as $100,000. It really all depends on the product itself and the market it is to enter.

We provide access to proven professionals we have experience with. The relationships that may come from our introductions to trusted resources are proprietary and confidential between our resource and the client.

Business plans help, but you do not need one. At the very least, you should do some basic research on your product and the marketplace to justify to yourself its potential.

We do the majority of our business on contract only relationships. Occasionally, we will partner-up, but it depends on the willingness of our client and our desire and passion for your idea.

It depends on what you are looking for us to do. Our services range from simply conceptualizing, to engineering development, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing your product.