We work with everyone

from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors

We offer a comprehensive array of product-to-market services

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Our development process is designed to listen to the voice of the customer. Market and legal research guides design to ensure your product’s success.

We keep user experience at the forefront, while our advanced engineering capabilities keep the product feasible and designed for cost.

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We design for production from the start, and leverage the latest rapid prototyping technologies to accelerate development and early product testing.

Our diverse global team of production resources work at the factory to ensure your product is produced correctly and according to schedule.

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Our continuous market based planning and creative direction keeps product branding, packaging, and digital media focused and on target.

We provide early stage business and strategic market planning for a successful product launch – and ongoing support helps maximize sustained growth.


You do not need a patent, and we can actually help you get one if you do not have one. We help you by creating all of the required drawings and prerequisites needed for patent filing.

There are thousands of very successful products that have been considered “silly”. We have worked on projects that are “toys” and “tools” and several high tech medical devices. If you have done some market study about your product and you feel it has a future in the marketplace we should talk.

You should consider $5,000 a starting point that accomplishes basic research of the product and market. We have brought products to market for as little as $10,000 and as much as $100,000. It really all depends on the product itself and the market it is to enter.

We provide access to proven professionals we have experience with. The relationships that may come from our introductions to trusted resources are proprietary and confidential between our resource and the client.

Business plans help, but you do not need one. At the very least, you should do some basic research on your product and the marketplace to justify to yourself its potential.

We do the majority of our business on contract only relationships. Occasionally, we will partner-up, but it depends on the willingness of our client and our desire and passion for your idea.

It depends on what you are looking for us to do. Our services range from simply conceptualizing, to engineering development, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing your product.