Meet David Carson, CEO of Envision Product Development LLC

Meet David Carson, CEO of Envision Product Development LLC

To play in an integral role of transforming a vision into fruition is truly a gift.  David Carson, Founder & CEO of Envision Product Development Group is grateful to have helped many such creators, inventors and visionaries over the years to realize their dreams.  That said, getting to know David, is an odyssey into getting to know his heart, soul, spirit and his firm.

David grew up admiring his dad – a former Navy Officer and expert machinist. He spent much of his early years working alongside his dad at the family owned machine shop business, Carson Tool & Die. He loved the creative aspect of it and could make almost anything on a machine by the time he was twelve years old.  Working with the engineering drawings of parts that his dad’s clients would send over for them to make was perhaps the highlight of that period.

“I was always intrigued by the whole mystery of the drawings, and understanding what purpose did a part serve, who drew it, and why.” – David Carson, Founder & CEO of Envision Product Development Group

David looked up to the engineers that created those designs and had the vision to become a draftsman or design engineer at an early age. If you know David, then you know he is the epitome of the term “go-getter” and so he began his journey as an apprentice draftsman in Allentown, Pennsylvania (yes same of famous Billy Joel lore). He then decided to move into the role of designer for another Pennsylvania firm and could already tell that he was on the right path and following his calling. As he gained more experience, he started doing hand drawings because, at that time, computer-aided designs were not a thing. Crazy right? Learning that skill helped him to see designs from a 3D view even though they were all 2D. Later when David moved to Florida, he was able to further enhance that skillset as he got the opportunity to transition from 2D drawings to 3D CAD drawings, which he is proudly proficient in! He particularly loved the software aspect of it, and for that firm he was involved with all aspects of drawing commercial buildings.  And so it began and so it went…until one day his entrepreneurial spirit led to his founding Envision Product Development Group!

David had taken up the discipline of martial arts for some time and often reflects on how it has played a significant role in helping him stay balanced and focused on projects. Martial arts has helped him to put his mind and energy into focus to accomplish incredible feats. Proper focus means great results and that’s what sets him apart! Every product or project he work on, he looks for long-term success. He is sure to be there on every project from product designs to development to overseeing the quality control process. He makes sure that the product is feasible for the market because he understands how much time and energy his clients put into their passion, and he recognizes the need to likewise be passionate in what he brings to the table for them. Simply put, he wants the product to be successful for his clients.  More on that in future articles, but for now let’s focus on David, the man behind the company.

David’s inspiration stemmed from all the time he spent in his dad’s machine shop. Being afforded such an opportunity has led to his passion. David always looked up to his Dad and appreciated his skill and ability to take an idea from his mind and then create a product and satisfy a client’s needs. “Such joy it brought his father’s clients to see their vision come to life”…he fondly recalls. Apart from his dad, David said the late Jim Rohn was also one of his mentors who played a major part and was a huge inspiration in his life. He finds himself adapting those philosophies and building on who he is as a person and leader. Being ethical and nurturing an amazing business-client relationship plays a big part of that.  David believes that “everything in the universe you put out, comes back to you” and as such he is always careful and diligent.

David has a Harley-Davidson which he enjoys taking out for rides in the countryside. “I like to unwind from on top of my motorcycle, it’s inspirational for me” he said. Besides that, he enjoys reading and spending time with his wife and family. He takes the time for continuous personal development and enjoys meditating. He likes to challenge himself physically and mentally and was in a recent event called Tough Mudder, a competition of part marathon and part military-grade obstacles. Clearly he is one that loves a challenge and enjoys the process as much as the successful outcomes.

To David, Envision is not just a company that develops products. He takes great pride in the work he does. Creating jobs, realizing dreams and creating financial security for his clients has always been a calling for him. So the next time you’re in our neck of the woods, be sure to say hi to David, and while you’re at it ask him to sketch you your next million dollar idea!