8 Step Product to Market Guide


David Carson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Envision Product Development Group has spent many years in his passionate and relentless pursuit of bringing his clients ideas to life. In the 8 Step Product to Market Guide, David has shared what he has learned as a contract designer, and manufacturer of mass produced finished goods.

Step 1 – Know your ‘WHY’

The first thing you should know is your WHY. Why? Because it drives you towards your success, and costs $0 to know it!

Your idea has inspired you. It has led you to this guide in hopes you will find the path that will lead to your financial and personal success. I will share with you what I’ve learned as a contract designer, and manufacturer of mass produced finished goods.

I hope you can leverage my experience to help you fulfill your vision of bringing your idea to market. I encourage you to push yourself past all obstacles and achieve the success that awaits you there. Before diving into the key steps that follow, I have two important “seeds” to plant in your mind.

Seed #1 – Know your “Why”. The passion that has inspired your idea, and the motivation that has resulted from this passion needs to be defined and nurtured in each step of the journey you’re about to embark on. The “why” is what will drive your passion and fuel your journey, so I strongly urge you to clearly define, document, know, and embrace your “why”. Do you want financial freedom? Why? Do you want a bigger house? Why? Do you want to make the world a better place for others? Why? Do you want to end hunger? Why? Etc. Write your “why” down right now:

If you don’t have a “why” at this point, it’s okay, just write down what comes to mind now, and understand your “why” is allowed to change as your journey unfolds and you vision matures. Just remember, the “why” is the rocket fuel you must have to fuel the journey to successfully launching or licensing your idea, and converting your ideas into finished goods that people will buy.

Seed #2 – Personal Development. The essential foundational element of your products success is not necessarily your idea, it is you.

Accept the fact that as your read this, you are likely at an infant state of experience in developing, producing, branding, marketing, and successfully launching packaged finished goods into the marketplace. This is totally fine, and is just an early stage distinction that I encourage you to embrace…the “empty cup” mindset if you will. Luckily there are hundreds of successful product-to-market trail blazers, authors, and leaders, that you can easily read up on and begin to practice their ways.

So discover your weakest topics as you move ahead, select your reading materials, and dedicate to reading and practicing what you’ve learned daily, no matter what, no excuses. Some key topics to study-up on are: Patent process, product development, product testing, marketing, packaging, mass production, sales, and distribution. This daily reading exercise will focus your mind, unlock your potential, and accelerate the completion of accomplishments that you yourself get to define. “A life best lived is a life by design” Jim Rohn

Stand-by for my next post where I will share the “how” part of this Guide…

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