From Idea to Product, Find the Perfect Match!

At Envision, we have an expression, ‘the idea is the easy part.’ Many of us have great product ideas, but how many of us actually have the resolve to see our ideas through? Ever ask yourself how you can go from idea to product? There are a lot of steps for you to take to successfully launch a product, in fact the thought of this alone can be overwhelming to most people.  You have to think about things like carrying out market analysis, protecting intellectual property, avoiding infringement, planning a solid marketing strategy…and more. Choosing the right firm/ partner and how you find that perfect match is paramount.

The Perfect Match  

It’s a wondrous feeling to finally find your soulmate! If you’re lucky enough to be among those that do, it’s no doubt you would have feel as though the universe aligned just for you. Like that moment, when you begin to envision an idea, once it takes form, you yearn for all the pieces to fall into place. First you must believe you have the capacity to bring your idea to life and usually that comes with taking a leap of faith. Once you believe you can do it, next you must find the firm to help take you there.

“With today’s technology and global resources at our fingertips, it’s remarkable what we can innovate and produce when we put our minds to it.”  David Carson – CEO Envision Product Development Group

Why Envision is the Perfect Match

At Envision Product Development Group our passion is bringing ideas to life, whether it be in the form of a functional prototype or a mass-produced product. We understand that there is more to product development than just engineering. If you have a product idea, come to us! We provide inventors, entrepreneurs, and corporations with key services needed to research, design, enhance, produce, and deliver branded, packaged, marketable products. Our proven process mediates risk and enhances sales potential by integrating market planning and commercial execution early in the design process.

We help our clients in three main areas:

  • Product Design & Testing
  • Production Manufacturing
  • Commercialization

Our clients choose us because we offer One-Stop-Shop for production design through mass production and we have strong relationships with domestic and overseas production resources. Our Envision team operates with high energy and integrity. We share our client’s passion for success. We strive to foresee and work relentlessly to overcome obstacles that often arise on the path to market.  Best of all, we work with EVERYONE! We have developed hundreds of products in a variety of categories for  Fortune 500 companies as well as individual inventors and everyone in between. Our experience allows us to identify where the risks are and how to minimize them! Our process is designed to be easily adaptable and accessible for both large and small corporations, while at the same time, keeping your development project fast-paced and on track.

Ready to take that step and find the perfect match? Reach out to Envision Product Development Group LLC this Valentine’s Day. From mind to market, let us help bring your product idea to life!