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Seven Digitally Innovative Ways To Speed Up Product Development

There’s a lot of chatter about digital transformation. In fact, there have been several recently published articles  on Forbes on this very topic. People are often unclear about the difference between digital transformation and digital innovation (DI) and the benefit the latter brings to product development. Keep reading to learn more… There’s lots of chatter...


The Three Keys to Inspired Product Development

Today’s consumers have high expectations. They have more access to information, a larger array of goods and services to choose from and greater skepticism about brand promises than ever before. No wonder so many research and design teams are struggling to keep up. To be successful in this ever-more demanding marketplace, brands must create new...


Achieving Product Milestones On Our Recent Expedition To China

Each milestone that goes into the design, innovation, and production of a new product takes attention to detail, awareness of time, and a sensible process. As each milestone is achieved, it brings development one step closer to delivering a marketable product created from the idea of an innovator or entrepreneur. Read more about our recent...