Happy New Year from all us here at Envision!

We at Envision wish all of our clients, partners, family and friends, a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year!

Happy New Year! We are extremely thankful to have made it through another year and that is in part because of you and your incredible support. Without our clients, dedicated employees and referral partners, we  wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so for that we say thank you! We at Envision wish all of our clients, partners, family and friends, a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year! 

Let’s all be reminded how fortunate we are in this day and age, that we can be, can do, can go, can build nearly anything we envision…if we choose to do so. 2019 was an interesting year and it was filled with ups and downs. We are grateful to be in business for our 24th year, and we have some great things in store for 2020. Let’s aim higher than ever before, and make 2020 a truly historical year! 

We have some extremely exciting new products lined-up for Q2-Q3 2020 launch. At the top of this list is the POWERDRIVE™ MOBILITY Transport Chair, and the Guardian Personal Protection System.

The PowerDrive™ Mobility Transport Chair is the world’s first portable transport solution offering a multitude of advanced safety and design features. Caregivers love the lightweight rechargeable PowerDrive™ System – with the longest-lasting power pack available anywhere! Patients love the safety and security, knowing their caregiver is in complete control, enjoying expanded mobility while feeling less of a burden. We also have on the list the Guardian Personal Protection System, which is an evolution of pepper spray for personal protection and safety. It features a small camera with event recording capability. Look out for more information on these two product launches!

Our plans for 2020 also include staying on top of cutting edge technologies to provide enhanced designs. We plan to aggressively develop, produce, launch, and sell innovative products as we continue to spark and support new business opportunities. We will continue to learn about and leverage rapid prototyping, the latest 3D printing technologies and artificial intelligence. We will also be leveraging market research data that is becoming more available and more technologically accurate. For example, Amazon has a fairly new tool called Jungle Scout that allows us to monitor all the sales of products and look at people’s comments on products that are out in the market. Through that database and portal, we’re able to learn what people like and dislike about products which helps us to create better products with more sales impact. We’re also looking at some of the latest 3D printing technology where we can rapidly prototype products using continuous carbon fiber. 

We’re aiming to be flexible in our product offering, to be able to address new opportunities as they present themselves and to not be rigid in our service offerings but be flexible and listen to what the market is asking for. It’s important to be adaptable and to be able to serve any market that presents itself, be it a service or product. We’re going to place more focus on understanding the numbers going into projects, being certain the market warrants the investment in development and production, understanding the market that a product will be sold in and learn the market better than the competitors know it. We’ve learned how important it is to ensure a product stands out, and how we must stay diligently tuned into the market. Knowing the numbers at the beginning of a product launch, understanding how many units will sell, and constantly listening to the markets will help us and our clients to be more successful. It’s all about the numbers and having the ability to put a business plan together with a sales and marketing strategy, and a realistic cash flow projection. It’s critically important to build businesses that can be converted to assets and in-turn create success for everybody involved for 2020 and for decades beyond.

In 2020 we will be streamlining our product selection process to better serve the markets that our products touch. We will be introducing a free Product Viability Test. This test will serve to help us be more selective with the products we bring in to ensure: they are marketable, that there’s funding available to develop, market, and launch them, that the client has the ability to drive a company or they’re willing and able to learn how, the client is open to a licensing agreement if they are not prepared or interested in driving a company.
In this year, we also plan to expand into international sales, we’ll be selling products to Europe, Australia and China. We hope you’ll tag along with us this year as we try to make it another successful year. Whatever your product idea, from mind to market – we bring products to life. If you have an idea that you think would make a great product, contact us to take our free Product Viability test. Happy New Year to you all!

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