Celebrating a product of the Industrial Revolution: Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day, celebrated every year on September 2, is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of the greatest workers in the world…the American worker. Each year, we celebrate and pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Our team here at Envision Product Development Group would like to take the time out to pay tribute and thank each and every person in the labor force for contributing to a growing vision, that is, the American dream…

Labor Day was first celebrated in Oregon in 1887 but its roots are older and related to the wider international efforts by workers to celebrate a holiday. This holiday is a product of the Industrial Revolution and one which really displayed our collective efforts whereby organized labor and more radical movements began to organize against often appalling working conditions and low wages.

Although Labor Day today is a Federal holiday, it is not mandated that all or most workers have the day off, but most employers recognize it as a holiday nevertheless. To many, including us here at Envision Product Development Group, Labor Day is a day to take some time off and reflect upon. Many of us work very hard, day after day and sometimes ‘sticking to the grind’ is what we see lasting commitment towards. Throughout the years, we have gone from long, exhausting, 12-hour shifts to deliberating an acceptable 8-hour workday.

At Envision Product Development Group, we recognize the great importance of our team and the overall labor force. In fact, all of what we do would not be possible without the combined efforts of our team here and we are beyond grateful for that. Take, for example, a recent product our team has been vested in developing – Vascular Simulation Cardiac Stimulator. Basically, what this product does is provide a realistic experience when performing endovascular procedures. It replicates endovascular device performance and behavior similar to that of an actual clinical case. The customized silicone vessels duplicating the actual anatomy and pathology can be uniquely manufactured and will be used to practice a specific procedure to enhance patient outcome.

But, why even mention this product? What does this have to do with Labor Day one might ask? Well, truth be told, everything! Here is why…

 We are in this together: The labor force is a collective

Without the combined efforts of our entire team, no product development would be possible. Remember, no idea (whatever it is) will ever become a reality (or in our case, a product) unless we truly desire it to be. And you, much like our team, hold the same value in your workplace and the labor force as anyone else does.

At Envision, we are fortunate enough to be involved in the many different steps that lead to a successful product launch as well as a successful business launch. From the concept phase to securing intellectual property to building a business model, our collective expertise is ready to tackle all of these. The picture we are trying to paint here is simple. We all play a significant role, however big or small it is. Are you in sales and marketing? Great! Do you prefer to get your hands dirty and favor a more hands-on approach to work? Right on! You’re a finance person? Wonderful! There is a role for everyone and yes, yours is very important!

We said this day is dedicated to celebrating the social and economic achievements of the American worker. We have a history of being entrepreneurs and innovators. Systems can be put in place, processes can be carried out, goals can be met.  However, without the labor force, there would be no achievements. We are the creators of all of this. Through the sharing of ideas, our skill sets, our expertise and knowledge and through our conceptualization of all of it, we are able to build and grow. Like an idea to create a product, labor starts with you. Whether it is a desire to create something for yourself or simply for sustainability, you become a part of the labor force. With the start of this, together, collectively, we work in our own little ways to keep creating and building and revolutionizing what this great nation is built on. Happy Labor Day everyone!

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